• Learn how to identify and control hazardous manual tasks in a simulated environment.

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    Exposure to a wide variety of hazardous manual task situations.

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    Real-time contextual learning of procedures and subject matter.

  • Completion checklists provide direction and confidence in learning outcomes.

  • Develop critical thinking skills and improve on future performance.

  • Detailed metrics and instant feedback to the user.


Hazardous Manual Tasks

Hazard IdENTIFICATION. Control.

Module Overview

Bondi Labs Warehouse Hazardous Manual Tasks module, developed with industry-leading partners, assists users to learn, practice and evaluate their Hazard Identification and Control safety skills by immersing them in real-life scenarios across our simulated warehouse environment.

Hazard Identification

Navigate the various areas of the environment to find and categorise hazards.

Control Measures

Determine immediate and long term control measures to reduce the level of risk

Module Features

Inspection Areas:
  • Receiving dock
  • Staging area
  • Wrapping stations
  • Packing area
  • Conveyor
  • Workshop
  • Forklift handling
Hazard Categories:
  • Posture (awkward, sustained)
  • High force
  • Repetitive force
  • Repetitive movement
  • Sudden force
  • Sustained force
  • Vibration (whole body,

Included Scenarios

Seat Time: < 60min

Tutorial - "How to use"
Introduction - Core Concepts
Training - Guided
Practice - Explore
Assessment - Timed
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