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Introducing Kuube.

Through engaging simulations and assessments, Kuube places users in hazardous scenarios to practise and enhance decision making.

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Kuube Dekstop PC iOS platform
Introducing Kuube

Engaging + E ffective 3D simulation training

Kuube delivers engaging and effective 3D interactive simulation training and competency assessment content to your workforce.

Users are immersed in randomised scenarios where they learn by doing. Kuube captures real-time data and analyses User performance for live and automated reporting.

Product Overview

Measurably improve the
effectiveness of training


  • Simulated work-flow and decision making
  • Intuitive virtual work environments.
  • Randomised scenarios ensure new challenges every time.


  • Users learn by doing.
  • Assess, validate and demonstrate competencies.
  • Access for administrators & workforce 24/7.

Low Cost

  • Per-User licensing.
  • Scalable to any size workforce.
  • Simple to set up and deploy, Users train onsite or at home.

Backed by Data

  • Real-time data capture and analytics of User performance.
  • Live online data reporting portal.
  • Predictive results to identify behavioural risks.
Kuube by Bondi Labs - Virtual Reality Workplace Health and Safety Training

Eliminate hazards with VR Training.

With Kuube's virtual reality powered workplace environments, workers can be exposed to simulated hazardous scenarios without being exposed to harm. From a poorly loaded truck to pallets incorrectly stacked on racking, it’s safe for your workforce to learn, demonstrate, and improve their skills and competency to identify, assess, and control hazards associated with high risk activities.

Kuube is currently used by
Transport and Logistics service providers.

Reimagined training methodology that works

Interactive simulation training and competency assessment has significant potential to measurably improve the effectiveness of training, thus increasing the productivity and performance of your business.

Your business has a unique opportunity to push further the boundaries of emerging technologies which can protect your brand, employees and objectively demonstrate that sustainable development is possible when combining the desired organisational culture with the most effective tools.

Detailed simulated scenarios

High active engagement

Learning in a safe environment

Meaningful learning

Competency indicators

Minimal trainer intervention

Scalability and easy distribution

Kuube WHS Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace Health & Safety

Ensuring workers are deemed competent to undertake high risk work is a legal requirement for employers.

Hazard Management
Hazardous Manual Tasks
Pedestrian Safety
Load Restriant

Kuube Biosecurity Quarantine


Workers involved in the importing and distribution of goods across international borders, between states and into protected areas act as a first line of defence in detecting biosecurity risk material (BRM).